Lodge Excellence Summit 2016

Section NE-1’s premiere training event, the Lodge Excellence Summit (LES) is coming up this Saturday, March 19th. The highest quality trainers from around our Section and even the Northeast Region are excited to present new and innovative material to take back to the lodge! A couple of our guest trainers include Nick Aubrey, the Section NE-2A Chief and Rodrigo Cordova, the Section NE-5A Chief.

Not only will there be high quality trainings, but there lunch will also be provided! But would you like to hear the best part? The entire event is funded through the section so that your registration (including food) is 100% FREE. It’s a win win.

If you’re interested in registering you can do so at the link below. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our Section Chief, Matt McCarthy (chief@ne1oa.org).

Register Here

We're excited to see you all there at this great opportunity to learn not only from the best trainers in our Section, but also from one another.

Order of the Arrow Brand Guidelines

A branding guide has been developed to help chapters, lodges and sections incorporate the Order of the Arrow brand into their communication materials. We are excited to share this new resource and take one more step toward better and more unified OA communications. Please take a moment to download and view the branding guide, as well as the corresponding logo assets.

The guide gives direction for utilizing key OA logo images: the signature, the trademark, the seal and the tagline. The guide also provides guidance on color and font usage, as well as information about embroidery pieces, print materials, and other branded items.

The new branding guide also contains...

Arrowmen Invited to Attend Special Summit Experience

Eight Arrowmen from each lodge will illuminate their OA experience this summer at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

The original ceremony grounds have been moved and recreated in their entirety at a new Summit Circle. Eight Arrowmen from your lodge will travel to the SBR for a four day adventure that culminates on the same grounds where the Order was founded. Your lodge will receive its eight tickets the second week of January, along with the session dates.

Once lodges have had a chance to submit the names of their attendees, a drawing for both youth and adults will open simultaneously for any of the unclaimed $180 tickets.

Do not miss this timeless opportunity to reflect on the very foundation of the Order. Witness the entire spectrum of your OA experience this summer; join us at Prism.

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