Section Resources

Council of Chiefs

The Council of Chiefs is when all of the lodge chiefs in the section, the section leadership, and section chairs come together to plan the upcoming conclave, share information with each other and help grow each of the lodges in the section. This page features the Section Planbook, Conclave Reports, Agendas, Minutes, and any other handouts or relevant information from the Council of Chiefs meetings.

Whale Tales

Whale Tales is the official publication of Section NE-1. Whale Tales is published several times each year by the section. It serves the leaders and members of Section NE-1. This page features past and current issues of Whale Tales.

Latest News

Take a look at the latest news from Section NE-1!

New England Fellowship Rotation

All the lodges in the section share their responsibility for being service lodge for the conclave.  On this page you can view the schedule for upcomming service lodges. 


Section NE-1 has developed a branding guide to assist lodges & individuals within the section with integrating the Section NE-1 brand into their communication material.

Useful Links

These links will help you continue your adventure of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting on the Internet. These links will be updated monthly, so stop back from time to time and check out what's new with the WWW on the WWW.